• AQUAEL Aqua Decoris Grunt 3L

AQUAEL AQUA GRUNT is a specialistic mineral substrate dedicated for the tanks with a high plant density. Contains numerous elements (including iron, magnesium, aluminium and silicon) that are necessary for plants and which are released gradually to enrich the water.

AQUAEL AQUA GRUNT is free from nitrogen compounds and phosphates. It has a form of light porous granules. It is recommended to use a layer of 1,5-2 cm deep covered with a 3 cm layer of rinsed gravel. Its unique porous structure prevents the creation of anaerobic zones in deeper parts of the substrate and is an ideal substrate for development of beneficial nitrifying bacteria Facilitates rooting of the freshly planted plants.

One package of 3l capacity is enough to set up a standard tank of 60 cm length. It remains active for many years and does not require supplementation.

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AQUAEL Aqua Decoris Grunt 3L

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